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Creating Your Vision for Success

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Creating Your Vision for Success

Determining what you really want in life can be one of the most powerful ways to manifest your dreams. A vision board can be a simple and yet truly powerful tool in creating the life you want.  Studies have show that people who write down their vision and goals are more likely to successfully achieve their goals than people who don’t write them down. Then, those who look at their goals everyday, are even more likely to accomplish them than those who don’t.

Do you know what you want to achieve this year? Are you writing down your vision and goals for what you want? The key is to be intentional and purposeful in everything we do. Get clear about what you want to accomplish. If you are not sure what you want, it may be difficult to attain unclear goals.

Vision boards are also known as goal boards and life maps, and the concepts behind them have been used for years.  Many people realize how powerful they can be in bringing dreams to life.

Use these basic guidelines to create a vision board for yourself:

  • Start with a Foundation. You’ll want to have a poster board, foam board, tri-fold board cork board or a simple piece of paper.  You can even create a digital vision board. Use what works best for you. Choose a material that speaks to you, one that you feel you can easily and effectively build upon. Make sure it is something you can refer to often.
  • Gather Images. You can clip pictures out of books, magazines or the newspaper. If you prefer, you can draw the images yourself or locate them online. What matters here is that you incorporate images, because your images are powerful and a vision board needs to be visual in nature. Seeing pictures of your priorities, dreams, and goals will help you focus on them.

Allow yourself to experiment with different types of visual elements when gathering the images for your vision board. Find photographs, sketches, clip art and other images; then draw anything else for which you couldn’t find an appropriate image.

  • Include Words. Writing can play a role in identifying key elements of your vision. You want to make sure that you can look at your vision board at any point in the future and know exactly what you intended by each picture, word or thought included on it. You may also want to include words on your vision board that resonate with you and where you want to go in life. It may also be beneficial to list out, on a separate piece of paper, your specific vision for each area of your life that you want to improve.  A notebook, journal or vision planning workbook is helpful for this.

Your vision is limited only by the extent of your personal creativity. It may be simple, strategic or it may be a highly detailed work of art. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what best suits your needs.

The important elements an effective and successful vision board should have are:

  • Make it Visual. Your subconscious tends to work in terms of images and pictures, and so your vision board should be as visual as you can possibly make it. Supplement the images with phrases and words as needed.
  • Make an Emotional Connection. Every image on your vision board should evoke some type of positive emotional response out of you. Seeing it should fuel your motivation to achieve your dreams.
  • Look at it Every Day. Your vision board should be placed strategically in a location where you can look at it often. Seeing your vision board as often as possible will help you stay focused on your goals and dreams.
  • Make it Positive.  Your vision board needs to emit positive energy. If you want to keep your vision private, then keep it in a private location so nobody else can view it.

Beyond these basic guidelines, let your creativity flow when creating your vision board. Let it be whatever you want to make of it.  Ultimately, it’s yours to design, develop and utilize as you see fit. You can add to it and change it over time as your goals and focuses change.

What are you adding to your vision board this year?

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