Sharing Your Unique Brand Message with the World

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Sharing Your Unique Brand Message with the World

There are several marketing channels you can use to communicate with the world and share your unique voice, vision and perspective.   Your blog, website, email newsletter, social media posts and other channels are all avenues with which you can share your brand message with the world.  Having a unique vision and message will make your brand stand out from the competition in a way that resonates with your audience.

Here are some of the steps to getting your message out to the world:

Create a Plan of Action – The content that you create should have a purpose.  When I work with clients on marketing strategy development, one of the first steps in the process is to develop a Strategic Marketing Roadmap.   The marketing roadmap is a comprehensive document that includes your content development strategy, content themes, marketing channels, holidays, promotions and events scheduled throughout the year.  This is the best way to ensure that the purpose of your content matches your business and branding goals, and is consistent across all marketing channels.

Know Your Audience – While you do want to add your own vision and voice, it’s also important to understand who your core audience is. For example, if you start a blog for entrepreneurs and then change your mind, that’s okay, but realize that you’re going to change your audience entirely as well as the focus of your blog.

Study Your Industry – You can never study your industry enough. Devote some of your time each week to understanding your business, backwards and forwards.   Study the history of your industry as well as what is happening today and what might happen in the future. Keeping your ear to the ground will make you a go-to expert in your niche and keep your brand current.

Be Consistent – Whether it’s your blog or a social media channel, it’s important that you keep the same brand message, style, voice, and vision apparent in each channel. This will make you appear more trustworthy and help your audience get to know you even better.  Whichever channels you choose to engage in, make sure you do it regularly.  Blog regularly, update social media regularly, appear as a guest regularly and take every opportunity to be yourself representing your brand regularly.  Consistency is the key to your brand being seen and heard.

Mix Up the Formats – A blog doesn’t have to be text based. It can be in the form of infographics, memes, podcasts, videos and more. Use every content format that you can as long as it fits within your brand and the image you want to portray. Repurpose content into new forms to get the word out to more people.

Be Authentic  – One of the most wonderful aspects of being online is the ability to be free to be yourself. You will find support and a sense of belonging for any niche.   It’s important that you edit the content to bring more of yourself to your brand. Whether it’s a sign-off phrase you want to use, or a special way with words that impact the readers.  What is most important is that your brand message is authentic and consistent no matter where the content appears.

In sharing your message, you may also find detractors, naysayers and critics. In order to be truly impactful, you cannot worry much about your critics. Focus on your audience and being authentic, and those who are drawn to you will love what you have to offer.

Engage Authentically With Your Audience – Outside of blog posts, social media posts and other forms of content that you put out into the world, there are discussions and commenting in which to engage. Be yourself when you engage with your audience. They want to know what you really think and audience engagement is a great way to do so.

Each piece of content that you send out into the world is important all on its own. The content spreads your message, establishes you as an expert, and drives traffic through keywords and more. Each deserves the attention needed to bring your unique voice and vision to your ideal audience.

How are you sharing your unique brand message with others?  Do you need help developing your strategic branding or messaging strategy?  Check out my Brand Strategy Guide that will walk you through the steps to creating your brand.

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