Finding Your Authentic Brand Voice

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Here’s a secret successful branding strategists know: customers don’t buy a product. They buy you.

Your personality.

Your experience.

The unique qualities only you possess.

There was a time when “branding” meant a fancy logo and a sleek website, but in today’s global marketplace, the real value is not in competing with other companies, but rather in just being uniquely you. Your brand personality brand and authentic voice can shine through in a variety of ways.

Define Your Brand Voice

How you speak, write and even how you perform on camera or in an audio interview has the power to speak volumes about you and your brand, instantly identifying you to your audience.  You can see this in action if you scroll through your Facebook feed. It’s easy to know who has posted a particular image or status update, just by recognizing the voice with which they generally speak.

Here’s an even more important aspect of your “brand voice”: it has the power to attract a specific audience.  In recent years, a few high profile coaches and product sellers have become well known, largely because of their unique and authentic language.  This makes up their brand voice.

For example, one coach may use offensive words, and her fans may love her for it. And those that don’t? Well, her site and services may not be for them.  Sarcasm and foul language are not the only way to go, though. Another coach may build her brand almost entirely on her ability to be kind and gracious. She may always have a nice word, never appear defeated or overwhelmed, and can be an inspiration to her fans and clients.

While each person may be different in their approach, all of the successful entrepreneurs with public personal brands have one thing in common: authenticity. It’s clear that if you were to meet these successful individuals in person, they would speak and act exactly as they do online. And their brands are stronger for it.

Tell Your Story

How did you get to where you are today? The backstory—which to you might seem boring and uneventful—is a powerful tool that can help solidify your brand and attract just the right audience.

I know of one life coach who tells her story of being a struggling single mother, and creating an online business rather than simply choosing to work one dead-end job after another. Her success is an inspiration to her audience, and is a huge part of her branding.

There is also a graphic designer who speaks often of how she got started online when she was looking for a way to earn just a few extra dollars every month to keep the lights on. Creating graphics for others quickly turned into a full-time online career.

Be Yourself

Know your audience and know yourself.  Your struggle and triumphs will resonate with and attract those who are experiencing similar struggles.  If you’re not comfortable sharing certain aspects of your life and business, chances are they won’t be comfortable hearing about it, either. It’s okay to maintain some privacy, even in this transparent world of online marketing.

Your story doesn’t have to be dramatic, and you certainly don’t have to share more than you’re comfortable with, but it does have to be yours. Be your true self, and you’ll never have to worry about attracting the right audience. They will self-select, and your perfect client will find you.

What makes your brand authentic and unique?  Tell me in the comments below.

Do you need help finding your authentic brand voice?  Check out my Brand Strategy Guide that will walk you through the steps to creating your brand.

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