Does this sound like you:

  • You want to create a reputable brand that stands out in the marketplace and doesn’t get lost in the sea of others offering the same products or services
  • You understand “what you do”, but you can’t seem to clearly or concisely describe it to others
  • You are smart and experienced in your field, but you can’t seem to convince people to hire you or pay your asking price
  • You work really hard in your profession, but you wonder if anyone even knows you’re there
  • You want to be able to finally charge your worth and have amazing clients who are more than happy to pay you

“The art of marketing is the art of brand building.  If you are not a brand, you are a commodity.

Then price is everything and the low cost producer is the only winner.”  -Phillip Kotler

Maybe you have a good business idea, but if you don’t create a great brand around it, it may get lost in a sea of other businesses that offer the same exact thing.  Without building a brand, many companies risk becoming a commodity and competing on price.

Perhaps you have been trying to figure out how to brand yourself or your business, and you’ve been struggling with…

  • Getting paid what you’re worth and actually enjoying your work
  • Creating a professional looking brand that attracts your ideal audience
  • Creating products, services and programs that will sell themselves and make a profit
  • Defining your signature style and your unique brand story that will connect with your audience
  • Establishing yourself as an expert in your field and attracting opportunities instead of chasing them
  • Finding the right people that are willing to pay full price for your services (and won’t ask you to work for free or for a discount)

And even if you do watch a few videos or download some free worksheets on branding…

You’re not sure if you have all the pieces to create a real profitable brand strategy

It is important to create and build your brand, so people will know who you are and what you do, and even pay a premium for your products or services.

Paid advertising and posting on social media are good marketing activities but you may wonder why it doesn’t always work.  Many don’t realize how important it is to develop your branding first before engaging in those activities, as branding is fundamental to the success of your business.

Right now, you may feel frustrated with…

  • Watching others in your field make more money than you
  • Customers not being willing to pay you what you are worth
  • Dreaming you could present yourself with more confidence
  • Wishing you could sell yourself without sounding “salesy”

It is definitely possible for you to find a steady flow of loyal customers, get paid your worth and completely enjoy your work. Before you invest in more marketing, what you really need is a brand strategy.

Before you spend another dime on marketing, you MUST create your brand strategy first.

Your brand strategy is the foundation of your business and the start of the marketing process.

No amount of marketing can replace a good solid branding strategy. When you learn the branding blueprint, it will change everything in your business!

You don’t have to create your brand alone and wonder if you’re doing it right.

You can get expert training to help you get started the right way.

Introducing the…

The BOSS BRAND ACADEMYTM Program is a full day virtual group training program structured to take your brand to the next level. The program includes step by step training, worksheets and strategies to take you through the creation of your brand identity, brand messaging, brand aesthetic and so much more. This is a streamlined program, giving you exactly what you need to complete your brand strategy and increase your impact and income in the marketplace.

Define and upgrade your brand strategy, brand identity and visual elements

Learn how to properly position your brand, even in a saturated marketplace

Learn how to consistently attract and connect with your ideal customers

Learn how to define and promote your unique brand promise

Create and communicate your unique brand story and messaging

Learn the process to strategically build your brand personality



You will receive branding worksheets that will help you develop your brand strategy step by step.


You will receive live training and coaching with the ability to ask questions in a virtual classroom setting.


We will walk through a step by step process to build your brand and you will be able to develop your brand strategy.

This program DOES cover:

This program DOES NOT cover:

  • How to develop your brand strategy and identity
  • How to clearly define your unique brand vision and purpose
  • How to properly position yourself in the market to make a profit
  • How to sell your services without sounding salesy or sleazy
  • Preparation to have a branding agency or designer design your materials
  • Business registration or setup. Please see my business programs
  • Technical setup of website, email or other online digital software
  • Tutorials on designing your website, logos or marketing collateral
  • Actual design of brand elements such as logos or marketing materials
  • Legal/accounting advice. Please consult with your lawyer or CPA


No more confusion.

Gain a clear vision of what you want to do, and how to launch and grow your business effectively.


No more fear.

Gain the confidence about your skillset and finally step out and create the business of your dreams.


No more procrastination.

Finally get started with the right tools and information to set your business up for long term success.


What is included with registration?

This is a live virtual group coaching program, which is taught online and is open to participants globally.  Included in this program are live group training sessions, exercises and activities with your coach.  You will be able to interact with the coach as well as other participants in the live sessions.

There is space for approximately 10-12 participants in each program.  The group is kept small to allow for optimal interaction and attention for the participants enrolled in the program.

How long is this program?

This program is a one day intensive program.  The full day program is 8 hours, and we complete your brand strategy in one day.  This enables you to take your strategy to a designer and have it completed easily.

How is this program delivered?

After registration has been completed, you will receive a link where you will be able to access the program and connect with the coach and the other participants each week on Zoom.

Although having your camera on during the sessions is not required, it is highly encouraged.  It helps to foster a sense of community when we can see each others’ faces and participate together.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, payment plan options are available.

You may pay for this program in 4 bi-weekly payments, with no interest, by selecting the Sezzle payment option at checkout.  Click here to learn more about Sezzle.

Or, you may pay for this program in 6 monthly payments, with no interest.  Select the Paypal -> Paypal Credit option at checkout.  Click here to learn more about Paypal Credit.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this program, no refunds are provided.  Thank you for your understanding.

Can I write off the costs of this program as a business expense?

Typically business training services are considered a business expense and generally can be written off on your business tax return.  Please consult with your accountant or tax professional for more details.

Do I have to attend classes and complete assignments?

During the live one day training, you have the opportunity to have discussions, ask questions and go deeper into the material, as well as interact and network with other participants in the program.  If you miss the live training, you will have access to the replay for one week after the program ends.

Does this program include the designs for my brand?

This program allows you to complete your brand strategy and identity in one day.  This is the information you will provide when having your brand designed by a professional designer.

If you need brand design, we have a design agency we can connect you with at the end of this program that can create all your brand designs based on the strategy created in this program.

Do you provide a replay?

Yes, a replay will be provided, for a limited time.  You will have access to the replay for one week after the program date.

A replay is not provided with this class.  This is a live class and all participants must be present for the class on that day and time.  Thank you for your understanding.

When is the start date of the next program?

This program is offered at various times throughout the year.  The new dates for the program will be posted on this page, so check back periodically.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions, please submit them here: Contact Us