About Me

My name is Melody and I am a Business Coach, Author and Speaker.

My Mission

My mission is to inspire and empower female entrepreneurs to discover their passions, pursue their purpose and reach their potential in order to prosper in business and in life.

I am passionate about teaching women how to create a successful business that not only makes a difference in the world, but also makes a profit.  I do this through speaking, training, coaching and consulting on purpose discovery, entrepreneurship, branding, marketing, leadership and female empowerment.

My Work

I work with visionary business women to help them learn the steps to starting and growing a successful business as well as living a successful life.

I do this by teaching them to believe in themselves and overcome limiting beliefs, by providing entrepreneurship training to grow their businesses, and by developing innovative solutions to their business challenges through my business coaching and consulting services.

I’ve developed strategies, processes and tools to help individuals and organizations discover their gifts and strengths, outline their vision, strategically brand their business and actively move into their realm of greatness.

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My passion is to inspire individuals to achieve their dreams, empower them to discover their purpose and teach them proven business strategies so they can prosper in business and in life.
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