Summertime is Here!  8 Tips to Get Your Business Ready

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Summertime is Here!  8 Tips to Get Your Business Ready

It is officially summer!  Happy Independence Day!   Time to pull out those shorts, sandals and sundresses.  I enjoy this time of year, because it is a time to really enjoy life and maybe even take a vacation (if I’m not too busy).  Even though this time of year is a time to chill and have fun, you can make the most of your summer by thinking about some of your goals.

Are you looking to go from employee to entrepreneur this year?  While everyone else is focused on hanging out at the beach or the pool, this could be a time reflect on the first part of the year and regroup and plan for the remainder of the year.  This is the year to accomplish your goals, so why not take some time during this midyear break to plan for the next quarter.

What do you want to accomplish by the end of this year?  You still have time to make it happen.  Hopefully, you have a short list of objectives that you’re consistently working toward. If not, now’s the time to evaluate what’s most important to you and develop 3 to 5 business or life goals that help you create the life you want.

Use these ideas to take advantage of this summer to help make your dreams come true:

Write out your objectives and make a plan. You most likely have your objectives in your mind, but writing them down makes your goals more real, tangible, and likely to happen. An action plan guides you forward from step to step. It’s much easier to focus your time on working to achieve your goals if you’ve thought them through in detail and made a written plan to achieve them.

Think about the spare time that you’ll have this summer. Wouldn’t you enjoy setting out to achieve one or two of your goals in that spare time? You’ll have some evenings, weekends, and maybe even some weekdays free, depending on your work schedule. That’s a lot of time to devote to manifesting your dreams!

Set aside some time in your schedule to work towards your goals. Mark it on your calendar. For example, if your kids go to grandma’s house on Saturday mornings, block off from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, at least twice a month, to work on accomplishing your objectives. Planning to spend specific time working on what matters to you is necessary to achieve your goals.

If your aim is to relax more this summer, reflect on what helps you unwind. Summer is prime time for relaxation! Taking daily walks, working out at the gym, or knitting ardently might be your idea of taking it easy. Whatever it is, go for it! Having work/life balance is so important.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to create something. Perhaps you want to write a book or start a new business. The summer is a perfect time to start planning how you will use the rest of your year.

Expand your knowledge. Perhaps you want more education. Colleges and universities now offer short-term courses for college credits that can be completed over a summer.  Some educational institutions even offer weekend courses that take place over three or four weekends. Contact your local universities for information.  The summer could also provide you the opportunity to take online courses.

Develop your skills. Designate this summer to learn a new skill or further perfect skills you already have. For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to make jewelry and need one more class to perfect your jewelry-making skills. Think about taking that class this summer!

Is one of your goals to enjoy life more? You can get started today! Make plans to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Take a trip to places you’ve always wanted to visit.  Talk with friends or loved ones about getting together more often. Make a plan to meet up on a monthly basis just to have some fun this summer.

For many, summer is a chance for renewal and refreshment. Warm weather is the perfect time for this! Whether you take the first few steps toward a new plan or complete a lifelong objective is up to you. Embrace this summer as a time to achieve your goals.

What goals are you focusing on this summer?  What are you determined to make happen before the end of the year?


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