10 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

10 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

There are certain characteristics that make entrepreneurs successful.

Here are 10 habits successful entrepreneurs seem to possess.

Maintaining Positivity: No matter what happens, an entrepreneur can frame it in a positive light. This is simply a matter of positioning or rephrasing. Instead of saying, “How can I avoid this situation?,” an entrepreneur asks, “How can I correct this issue?”

Learning from Failure: Entrepreneurs generally don’t achieve success on the first try. One of their key characteristics is that they try and try again. There are ups and downs, however they’re resilient and persistent. There will always be surprises and failures no matter how much you plan, and entrepreneurs learn from these failures and then move on.

When someone with a fear based mindset encounters a setback, they are likely to dismiss the task as impossible. They see it as a personal failing and give up in order to avoid further failure. An entrepreneurial mindset allows you to uncover the lesson hidden in each setback or failure so that you can grow stronger and move on.

Developing Perseverance: A key characteristic of the entrepreneurial mindset is perseverance. Entrepreneurs tackle challenges head-on and don’t beat themselves up over failures. They keep trying in a stubborn and dogged way, which is one reason people often mistake their genius for stupidity or insanity.

Delegating to Others: People with an entrepreneurial mindset don’t try to do everything themselves. They reach out for help and designate tasks for those who are best able to do them. Entrepreneurs are great at spotting talent, and finding a way to best utilize people.

Behind every great entrepreneur is an assistant or army of assistants who handle tasks that either interfere with more important work, or require skills that the entrepreneur lacks. An entrepreneur also recognizes their own skills and talents. They know that they should focus on planning their business and building relationships, not performing every task in their business.

Constantly Learning: Entrepreneurs love to learn new things. Entrepreneurs have a hunger for knowledge and new ways of thinking. They embrace new technology, new ideas, and new theories. They also embrace change, another key feature of entrepreneurship.

Trusting Intuition: Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, but these aren’t just random risks. The reason an entrepreneur takes a risk is that they have a gut feeling it will work, or teach them something valuable.  As you raise your awareness about your limiting beliefs and mindsets, you’ll also see an increase in your intuition and gut instincts.

Follow Through: Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new opportunities even when there is not necessarily an immediate result. This is why they are good at following through. For example, someone with the entrepreneur mindset will follow up with everyone they meet at events, even if there seems to be no immediate benefit to doing so. They follow through because they know it could lead to something in the future.

Staying Flexible: One thing entrepreneurs have in common is that they are flexible. They are open to continuous change and improvement, and they are ready to adapt or change plans at any given moment.

Standing Out: Entrepreneurs are not afraid to stand out and appear crazy to others. They embrace their uniqueness and they wear the qualities that make them different like badges with pride. One reason they do this is to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Setting Clear Goals: Entrepreneurs set goals as a way to push themselves forward. Fear will tell you that a goal is impossible to achieve or not worth striving for. If you’re hearing this inner voice, reframe it so that you can look forward to attaining that goal.

Keeping Good Company: Finally, entrepreneurs surround themselves with other entrepreneurs, positive influences, and like-minded souls. They do this for networking, motivation, and to find mentors from whom they can learn.

As you went over the above qualities of the entrepreneur mindset, where did you find yourself? Did you feel that many of them applied to you? Could you see areas where you can change or improve?  Let me know in the comments.

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